Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Elect a Liberal or Else!

Get ready for the challenges, for if any of the tightly contested house seats go in favor of Republicans expect challenges from the Dems. They are already hiring lawyers for these challenges. According to the Democrats, Republicans only win by vote rigging and crooked court decisions. Even Mexico has taken a page from the DNC’s 2000 playbook, no matter how many times the votes are recounted or how the courts rule the left keeps saying the election was flawed. While this will not get them into power it will hamstring the new Mexican government, as supporters of the left will feel they were disenfranchised, even if it is not true. The Democrats succeeded, even after liberal organizations counted the votes and say Bush won, even if votes for Buchanan are counted as votes for Gore. A large percentage of liberals still believe Bush “stole’” the election. When the Supreme Court supports abortion it instantly becomes “established laws”, when it rules on Bush’s election it is “appointing a president”. Apparently democracy only works if liberals are elected to public office.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

Go nuclear, they told us in the '60's and when plants were built complained about nuclear waste, they said go hydro in the '70's and then complained about the snail-darter habitat, the '90's they said wind was the future and now of course wind turbines are not acceptable. The rub is this; if we ever solve our energy problems then the left loses some more power and as we have seen since the 2000 election that nothing has stirred the up left more than being out of power. The coastal lefties which supposedly hate wealthy “summer people” have failed to admit that the money to oppose wind turbines and the construction of LNG terminals have come from wealthy coastal homeowners who do not want their pristine views marred by something that might actually benefit coastal states. That fat fraud Ted Kennedy fought to get the turbine project on Cape Cod stopped, God-forbid he should have to see a windmill on the horizon while sitting on the patio in Hyannisport drinking himself into a stupor. All along the Spanish coast and in Holland you will find these wind turbines, here in Japan we have them, even in view of my house, and they are almost artistic and not at all eyesores or the destroyer of nature the left makes them to be.

As for the global warming part my wife, a Texas A&M trained marine scientist, points out that while many scientists believe global warming is caused by greenhouse gasses there are an equal number that believe global warming is the natural evolution of the planet, it has happened before and will happen again. Yes there is climate change but then again the climate has been changing constantly since the “big bang”. There were periods of much more extreme global warming (and cooling) long before man was ever in the equation, the dinosaurs after all lived on a tropical planet. If it were not for global warming, we would still be in an ice age. Even those that do believe have not been able to make a link between “greenhouse gasses” and global warming. There are well thought out theories but no actual link. Those that say they have proof such as Al Gore have reached there conclusions using junk science. A perfect example of junk science is this; all cats have four legs, my dog has four legs so therefore my dog must be a cat. Mr. Gore's supporters say there are more "greenhouse" (misleading name) gasses in the atmosphere so therefore they must be causing the earth's extreme warming (actually quite miniscule). Correlation does not equal causation.

I do support more study on the subject but the doom and gloom supported by the enviro-wackos is not called for. Does the left push the conclusion highlighted in a 1990's Nova episode that the southern polar ice cap is melting from underneath and climate change may not be responsible for all of the reduction? There were those that did not even want PBS to run it because it goes against their view that man is the ultimate evil. Many reading this will say can we really afford to wait? I mean they even reference the great scientist Sen. George Mitchell's (oh, wait he’s not a scientist is he?) new book or Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" which are not science but are only opinion. How does Sen. Mitchell or Vice Pres. Gore know more about than science than scientists that disagree with them? Many of those predicting the end of the planet also predicted the end from global cooling during the 1970’s. Does anyone remember the Newsweek cover story?

Remember this most the researchers live on grant money and one does not get grants to study the climate if all is predicted to be peachy keen.

Monday, September 25, 2006

That Old Time Religion

Of course, we must excoriate the Pope for his remarks and his attempt to open a dialogue about Islam. We cannot of course condemn Islam for supporting terrorism; its subjugation of women, the stoning of adulterers, and the total lack of religious freedom in most Islamic countries. The press quietly ignores the response with violence to any criticism. As the Dems keep telling us Christians are the real evil in the world, the Catholic Church not ordaining women is far worse than the forced circumcision of women in Islamic society. A Protestant minister saying homosexuality is incompatible with scripture, but doing nothing to prevent them living their lives as they choose is far worse than the public execution of them in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia .

Muslims are allowed to attack and even kill Europeans because they disagree with Theo Van Gogh’s movie about the abuse of women in Islam or cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohamed in Denmark and yet the press does nothing to condemn them. The publishing of a cartoon depicting the Virgin Mary with a venereal disease in a University of Virginia student newspaper, the depiction of a crucifix in a jar of urine or a Madonna made of dung at an art show are lauded as brilliant. Yet the Christians that find that offensive and do not kill anyone, burn down any buildings, or even take away the rights of those that put forth such garbage are portrayed by the left as being just as bad, if not worse than the close-minded Muslims that resort to violence. This once again proves the hypocritical views of the left and of his or her own lack of knowledge on this subject. Shame on the Press Herald for holding this view it show the newspaper cares more about pushing a political agenda than editorializing on facts. Yet no matter how many times we prove it, it bothers them not.

A Case for Impeachment?

While the left cries “Impeach Bush” almost nostop these days I believe it's time to rally to a new impeachment call. I call for the immediate introduction of articles of impeachment against Sen. John F. Kerry (D-MA) for his complicity in the deaths of American military members in Iraq.

I base my case for impeachment thusly: during the 2004 presidential election, Mr. Kerry stated repeatedly to live audiences and to the national press outlets that he had a better plan to manage the war in Iraq. It is now two years later and many on the left say the war is going poorly and that the cost in American lives is unacceptable. What has the good Senator done to prevent the loss of those lives? Has he introduced the secrets of his better plan for Iraq on the floor of the Senate? Has he informed President Bush of the details so that this better plan could be immediately executed and prevent the deaths of more service-members? Has he told the press the details so that we can all see the great wisdom in his plan for a peaceful Iraqi nation? He has not.

So once again, I call on the members of the Houses of Congress to introduce articles of impeachment against Senator Kerry. For him to hold the details of his better plan to himself is unacceptable in a time of war. The only reason he could be keeping this plan to himself is for personal political gain, right? I mean Mr. Kerry would not have lied to the American people about such an important matter, would he? I’m just as sure he had a plan just as I am sure that Sen. Reid, Rep. Pelosi and Sen. Clinton will be releasing, as they keep saying they will, the details of their plans to balance the federal budget, lower gasoline prices and provide a better prescription drug plan for all Americans. After all, like Mr. Kerry, I’m sure they’re as good as their word.