Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Some of My Best Friends are Jews...

Why do democrats regularly get the Jewish vote? The current situation in the Middle East has again brought out what I believe to be one of the ugly little secrets of the left…anti-Semitism. When even moderate Arabs states are saying Israel is justified in its action why is the American left again coming out in defense of Hezbollah, Syria and Iran?

A trip through the blogosphere will easily answer that, look how Israel is portrayed in democrat, progressive or “green” party sites, always the aggressor no matter what has been done or given up for peace. While publications like The Nation (their blogs have hate the KKK would love to be able to harness) are almost open in their support for Arab terrorists of any type, more mainstream publications such as Time or The New York Times hide it a little better by claiming both sides are equally at fault even when the terrorists are clearly the aggressors. Why would these publications support folks like Hezbollah, which do not believe in democracy, do not support women’s issues or abortion, and would publicly execute homosexuals if in power?

While I know some liberals that might like the complete control of political ideology that Islamic fundamentalists have, I feel the real reason for this attitude is anti-Semitism. How can people that believe in “diversity” dislike the Jews so much, is it because they think Jews, like conservative Christians, use moral beliefs to help guide their voting decisions? Is it because of stereotypes? Are they assuming all Jews are rich? I mean look at how the left hates the rich, except for Sorros, Kerry, and anyone named Kennedy. Is it because of the conservative beliefs of orthodox Jews? Hillary had to by votes from them using her husband’s power to pardon. When Israel sits on less the 1/6 of 1 percent of middle-eastern land and gives concession after concession towards lasting peace and still the left considers them the party at fault, what are we supposed to believe? The only conclusion I can come to is deeply ingrained anti-Semitism.