Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Thou Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks.

Protestors are out on the streets again over the latest outrage, Trump’s “Muslim Ban” Of course the fact that it allows the citizens of over 40 predominately Muslim countries to travel to America with no change in visa policy is an irrelevant aside to those professional hate-mongers of the organized left. These are the latest, and surely not the last, protests against using a cause du jour to continue to whine about the fact the Democrats lost the presidential election. Where were these protestors when President Obama placed a six-month hold on refugees from war-torn Iraq in 2011? Or how about when his administration sent 91 Cuban refugees back to the dictatorship of their repressive homeland two days before he left office? Of course there were no protests. This is about protesting Trump’s win. His refugee review policy is just a convenient excuse to take to the streets as was the Women’s March before it. We have seen this time and again, protest after protest against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan whilst Bush was in office that suddenly evaporated when Obama took over. The same wars were going on, along with added military actions in Syria, record setting numbers of drone strikes against countries we are not at war with, and of course meddling in Libya, Egypt, et al., which led to death, destruction and misery in those countries. Miraculously, the Hollywood Elite and Cindy Sheehans of the world suddenly had something better to do than protest these wars that were so immoral permanent camps had to be set up outside the White House and the Bush Ranch in Crawford, TX. Where did the Occupy Wall St. movement evaporate to? For all of their talk to the contrary Obama and Hillary were some of the best friends of the big banks and brokerage firms, the banking reform laws passed by the Democrats merely feel good legislation to mollify a public out for blood while protecting fat cat donors. Where did the protestors go?

 If liberals are protesting, as they claim, injustice and government abuse they sure do have an odd and hypocritical way of doing it. If one truly has a moral cause one should not let partisan politics sidetrack their zeal…yet leftists almost always do. Wars are bad when waged by Republican presidents but are ignored when waged by Democrats, biblical morality is both bad and in violation of the Anti-Establishment clause when it supports causes on the right but the Pope and other religious leaders are held up as shining examples of humanity when they espouse leftist ideals. The hypocrisy of all of this is of no concern as the media will not report on it and the useful idiots of the left will fail to see it (and will always be available to grab their torches and pitchforks on demand). The outrage-machine of the organized left will continue as long as a Republican resides in the White House. Those in the Democrat leadership will continue to stoke resentment toward the democratic process and peaceful transition of power that have been American hallmarks in a shameful attempt to hold onto power at any cost. If they destroy American democracy in the process is of little concern to them.