Monday, September 25, 2006

A Case for Impeachment?

While the left cries “Impeach Bush” almost nostop these days I believe it's time to rally to a new impeachment call. I call for the immediate introduction of articles of impeachment against Sen. John F. Kerry (D-MA) for his complicity in the deaths of American military members in Iraq.

I base my case for impeachment thusly: during the 2004 presidential election, Mr. Kerry stated repeatedly to live audiences and to the national press outlets that he had a better plan to manage the war in Iraq. It is now two years later and many on the left say the war is going poorly and that the cost in American lives is unacceptable. What has the good Senator done to prevent the loss of those lives? Has he introduced the secrets of his better plan for Iraq on the floor of the Senate? Has he informed President Bush of the details so that this better plan could be immediately executed and prevent the deaths of more service-members? Has he told the press the details so that we can all see the great wisdom in his plan for a peaceful Iraqi nation? He has not.

So once again, I call on the members of the Houses of Congress to introduce articles of impeachment against Senator Kerry. For him to hold the details of his better plan to himself is unacceptable in a time of war. The only reason he could be keeping this plan to himself is for personal political gain, right? I mean Mr. Kerry would not have lied to the American people about such an important matter, would he? I’m just as sure he had a plan just as I am sure that Sen. Reid, Rep. Pelosi and Sen. Clinton will be releasing, as they keep saying they will, the details of their plans to balance the federal budget, lower gasoline prices and provide a better prescription drug plan for all Americans. After all, like Mr. Kerry, I’m sure they’re as good as their word.

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