Thursday, February 7, 2008

You Scratch My Back, I'll Stab Yours.

The Republican National Committee has done it again, given the election to the Democrats with a giant freakin' bow on it. Does anyone remember Bob Dole? A great American, war hero, long time senator and the RNC's "anointed one". We were told he was the Republicans best hope, we were told it was "his turn" and we were assured he could beat that young upstart from Arkansas named Bill Clinton. Anyone remember how that turned out?

The support of the RNC and the back room dealings of McCain and the Huckster have given us "Bob Dole Redux". We now have a candidate who, while serving in the Senate, has felt the deal was more important than principle. We now have a candidate that does not have the charisma to attract moderates from Obama or Clinton. And finally we now have a candidate with skeletons in his closet that the left was shrewd not to address but most assuredly will in the general election, do you think they have really forgotten the Keating Five scandal?

Thank-you RNC for handing the Democrats the Presidency.