Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Elect a Liberal or Else!

Get ready for the challenges, for if any of the tightly contested house seats go in favor of Republicans expect challenges from the Dems. They are already hiring lawyers for these challenges. According to the Democrats, Republicans only win by vote rigging and crooked court decisions. Even Mexico has taken a page from the DNC’s 2000 playbook, no matter how many times the votes are recounted or how the courts rule the left keeps saying the election was flawed. While this will not get them into power it will hamstring the new Mexican government, as supporters of the left will feel they were disenfranchised, even if it is not true. The Democrats succeeded, even after liberal organizations counted the votes and say Bush won, even if votes for Buchanan are counted as votes for Gore. A large percentage of liberals still believe Bush “stole’” the election. When the Supreme Court supports abortion it instantly becomes “established laws”, when it rules on Bush’s election it is “appointing a president”. Apparently democracy only works if liberals are elected to public office.

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