Monday, September 14, 2015

Trump Bashing Becomes Institutionalized

As we get closer to the one-year out mark in the 2016 election, one which is shaping up to be the most interesting (to say the least) in decades, we are finally getting the true intentions and loyalties of what we thought were the independent conservative media. You know, those guys that supposedly were taking the GOP to task and always corrected anyone who dared call them Republican? “I’m a conservative, not a Republican” they would retort or would profess being a registered independent whenever challenged by a skeptical interviewer. As we are beginning to see, these protestations of non-GOPness are nothing more than platitudes to mollify their viewers/listeners/readers.

The “Washington Cartel”, as Ted Cruz calls Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, are known for their bias and can be filtered for it. However other once great publications and commentators have been unmasked for their devotion to the Republican leadership over the concerns of subscribers or conservative voters; National Review, The Weekly Standard and, the relatively new-kid-on-the-block, The Blaze have either openly attacked Trump and his followers or refused to report on his campaign as he “isn’t a serious candidate”. These organizations, along with their writers, commentators or staff, have done nothing but circle their wagons around the GOP leadership in response to the populist support for Donald Trump. Their Twitter Tweets and Facebook posts have one after another hit pieces on Trump while taking it easy on or supporting GOP anointed one, Jeb Bush. While not supporters of Bush the hosts of the Pat & Stu show on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze even hinted that they would be more likely to support a Hillary Clinton candidacy over a Trump one. At one point Glenn Beck himself refused any coverage of Trump but it appears that pressure from his audience is making him back away from that decision. Pat, Stu and Glenn say they only support “Real Conservatives” yet support folks like Rubio and Cruz who have been caught playing go-along-to-get-along political games in the past or Walker, who has proven to a lap-dog of big-business.
Much of this comes from their complete lack of understanding of what makes people follow Trump. These political gurus lament that he isn’t conservative enough or he flip-flopped on issues and so of course he can’t be a real conservative. What they don’t get is that we don’t care, we really just don’t care. We don’t care that Trump may have supported issues or given money to Democrat candidates in order to further his business interests, what we do care about is that we believe he will do what he says he will do now. We can’t trust Jeb, Boehner or McConnell to enforce immigration law; Jeb is an amnesty guy and Boehner and McConnell are too beholden to donors to upset the cheap-labor apple cart. Rubio can’t be trusted on his supposed epiphany on immigration and Paul’s support of a crooked deal concerning the ACA coverage for congress and Cruz’s support for TAA and TPP have made us wonder if they can be trusted at all. We still remember when we had a Republican president with control of both houses of Congress yet nothing was done in regards to stopping illegal immigration.

We are told the Democrats must be stopped because they want illegals to have a path to citizenship, as they will vote liberal their entire lives, the conservative establishment fails to point out that the corporate world loves illegals as they keep wages low, even if a particular company doesn’t actually hire any. Those same corporate interests make sure that GOP is well paid to keep the status quo. There is very good chance Trump will either self-destruct or be destroyed by his own party over the next year but I honestly believe if that happens the totally disgusted conservative voter will flock to a Carson or Fiorina before getting anywhere near those candidates approved by the GOP, National Review, The Weekly Standard or The Blaze and their campaign against the wishes of the conservative base will not be forgotten soon. Trump, Carson and Fiorina finally give us the ability to thumb our noses at Republican Establishment in a way sitting out the election would not.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

As more and more evidence of the barbaric atrocities committed by Planned Parenthood come out, while leftist journalism fixates on the death of Cecil the lion, I must say that as bad as Planned Parenthood’s behavior is I can’t really blame them. Don’t get me wrong, I am appalled at the videos and the fact the PP is willing to encourage abortions in order to produce more product for sale, I just don’t blame them.
Who do I blame for these horrific actions disguised under the cover of women’s health? The Baby Boomers. Why should I indict an entire generations of Americans for the actions of a single misguided enterprise? That answer is simple; our society is reaping what the Boomers sowed. The generation born between 1945 and 1964 (some call those born between ’60 and ’64 the “Nowhere Generation” as they neither fit with the Boomers nor the Gen Xers) are the most self-entitled generation to ever inhabit our great nation. I understand many of this generation served our nation with distinction and led responsible lives but most of them, as children, were over- indulged and pandered to which made them feel as if the country existed to cater to their every whim. As they reached college age the majority of them embraced the hedonistic mantra “if it feels good, do it” and/or “sex, drugs and rock-and-roll” and attacked anyone that pointed out this as bad behavior. This led to a disrespect for all authority (yes, authority should be questioned) leading to their view that one should never trust one over 30.
One day, something happened. They began turn 30; suddenly they decided the youth couldn’t be trusted. Only their politicians and political views were right they felt, they even went as far as rewriting the history of the Democrat party to fit their narrative as the party’s support of slavery and opposition to civil-rights legislation did not fit the new, leftist agenda . They claimed to be for liberation, free-love (sex without consequences) and peace. Liberation didn’t mean those living in Communist Bloc nations as Boomers said that socialism was the new light, even as they became addicted to material possessions. Free love meant leaving women to deal with children born out of wedlock. And the peace movement disappeared when Nixon rescinded the draft in 1973 even though the war went on for two more years. As the boomers aged they did not save for retirement with some in their 40’s and 50’s still begging money from their parents to finance their lifestyles.
The Boomers had children and taught them the ideology of their generation, a belief system based on failed and unprovable theories, and told them that morality is personal thing. Armed with little actual parenting in a latch-key society, these kids have grown up on a diet of bad television, cheap drugs and internet porn. What is right is what one believes in one’s heart, not what some book tells you they were told. Community norms were ridiculed as outdated and racist. Schools, now almost exclusively manned by Boomer-age teachers, became indoctrination centers where reason and opposing viewpoints were taught as wrong. Conformity, which supposedly was bad when they disagreed with it, became the norm. Believe the liberal orthodoxy or else. This led to a generation with absolutely no moral compass. These children are now adults and have been so far removed from belief in anything, nation, community, or religion, that they have no idea what is truly right or wrong. They think sharing a Facebook post actually solves world problems and have no idea how dangerous the world really is. These are people that, even though they claim superiority in scientific matters, do not believe that fetuses are human beings. They believe vaccines are bad, people are born gay and one can switch genders (all with no scientific proof) yet somehow the concept that an unborn child is, in fact, a child is beyond their comprehension. They feel open-minded and enlightened even though they are anything but. Jon Stewart is the news and Fox News lies, they are smarter than the rest of. These children, now adults, created by the Boomers believe life (other than their own) means so little. They have no concept of suffering that does not affect them. The Boomers set out to build America in their image, and they have succeeded.

Monday, August 3, 2015

The 70th Anniversary of Japan's Surrender

While I take no joy in the death and destruction caused by the use of atomic weapons at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I place the blame on the Japanese themselves. After the U.S. cut off oil, steel and other exports to Japan in response to Japanese genocide and aggression in China, Mongolia and other places, Japan felt they were justified in the attack of American forces at Pearl Harbour. Japan fought a brutal war and even when they should have accepted defeat they were teaching the elderly, women and children tactics which might have proven deadly to Allied forces were there a need to invade mainland Japan. Should America have accepted even more deaths in a war they did not start? Should the Japanese public have been forced into mass suicides as were caused by Japanese Government propaganda prior to the invasion of Okinawa and other islands? The use of atomic weapons put an end, once and for all, to a war America did not want in the first place and more than likely saved countless Japanese lives by doing so.
Today Japan is one of America’s greatest allies and as a nation has become the greatest peace-loving democracy on the earth. I have lived in Japan and I enjoy Japanese culture and greatly admire and respect the Japanese people. Today the U.S. and Japan stand as equals in the defense of Asia to growing threats to freedom and as providers of humanitarian assistance. The Japan of today is not the Japan of 1941 and today’s citizens should not feel shame, guilt or hatred for the sins of their ancestors but neither should they forget history or Japan’s role in it. Americans should endeavour to understand the pain Japan feels at the instantaneous destruction of two of her cities and the lasting effects of the weapons used but should not judge their users without fully understanding the situation and their motives.