Monday, September 25, 2006

That Old Time Religion

Of course, we must excoriate the Pope for his remarks and his attempt to open a dialogue about Islam. We cannot of course condemn Islam for supporting terrorism; its subjugation of women, the stoning of adulterers, and the total lack of religious freedom in most Islamic countries. The press quietly ignores the response with violence to any criticism. As the Dems keep telling us Christians are the real evil in the world, the Catholic Church not ordaining women is far worse than the forced circumcision of women in Islamic society. A Protestant minister saying homosexuality is incompatible with scripture, but doing nothing to prevent them living their lives as they choose is far worse than the public execution of them in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia .

Muslims are allowed to attack and even kill Europeans because they disagree with Theo Van Gogh’s movie about the abuse of women in Islam or cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohamed in Denmark and yet the press does nothing to condemn them. The publishing of a cartoon depicting the Virgin Mary with a venereal disease in a University of Virginia student newspaper, the depiction of a crucifix in a jar of urine or a Madonna made of dung at an art show are lauded as brilliant. Yet the Christians that find that offensive and do not kill anyone, burn down any buildings, or even take away the rights of those that put forth such garbage are portrayed by the left as being just as bad, if not worse than the close-minded Muslims that resort to violence. This once again proves the hypocritical views of the left and of his or her own lack of knowledge on this subject. Shame on the Press Herald for holding this view it show the newspaper cares more about pushing a political agenda than editorializing on facts. Yet no matter how many times we prove it, it bothers them not.

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