Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Work Hard and Get Ahead...or Not.

Apparently the Republicans now in control of the House of Representative feel that it is the middle-class that must be punished for the sins of congresses past. Congress misspent $2.7 trillion of Social Security trust-fund money; the answer of the freshman Republicans is to take away benefits from those forced to pay into the program. If federal employees still have access to health care and retirement plans, the solution is to attack them. While fighting ruthlessly to prevent a tax increase for those making over $250k (not that I wish a tax increase for higher earners) why take away from those making less than $100k?

I haven’t seen a single member of congress stand up and say that they would go after those that abuse the welfare system. They won’t go after the deadbeats living on Social Security Disability using phony injuries/illnesses but instead want to lower the benefit those under 55 that were forced to pay into Social Security and Medicare. Veterans are forced to use assembly line, socialized medicine while those who never served and refuse to work get real health insurance under Medicaid. They attack the retirement of federal employees while keeping their own, which happens to be the best in the government excluding the president, immediate retirement benefit which kicks in after only 12 years of service. Nor do they disparage private employers for taking away benefits from the rank-and file even when bonuses are paid to top executives; instead they join the chorus calling for a race to the bottom in middle-class compensation.

Americans have always been willing to sacrifice but before attacking those that work and make America the great nation it is go after those refusing to work or those living here illegally. Stop sending pork back to your home district in attempt to insure your long term presence in Washington. In other words do something for us rather that to us!

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