Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pick a Card, Any Card (as long as its the race one).

Donald Trump was a guest on "The View" yesterday and he was saying that the president could end the "Birthers" arguments by simply producing a complete copy of his birth certificate. While I'm no birther and I do believe Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii I must agree with The Donald on this one.

What is the president so concerned about? Is there something wrong that might make us question his parentage or the story he tells of it? All I know is that with the real I.D. legislation now in place Americans must show a birth certificate to get a drivers license and one has always needed one to get a passport. Why isn't it required to run for president?

Whoopi Goldberg dealt out the race card yet again when she said to Trump "No white president was ever been asked for his birth certificate". Actually Ms. Goldberg you are, as usual, wrong. John McCain produced his birth certificate when members of the Obama election team accused him not being a naturally born citizen. After McCain produced a birth certificate the argument then became that that his birth in a civilian Canal Zone hospital did not count as citizenship; the courts ruled that it did.

Goldberg in her long standing practice of trying to shut down those with which she disagrees by calling them or their actions racist should do a little research before spouting off.

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