Thursday, April 14, 2011

Really Mr. President...Really?

Politically, I am open to diverse views, if an idea is good it is good. I tire of my conservative acquaintances accusing me of being a liberal if I agree with Democrats on an issue just as I dislike when my liberal friends accuse me of being a talk-radio inspired, rabid right-wing automaton when agreeing with the GOP. What bothers most when dealing with the extremists of either stripe is the hypocrisy when it comes to issues. Attack the party in power but then push for the same thing when you hold the power.

This was in full view during the president’s budget speech yesterday. It was full of attacks on items recommended by HIS OWN budget reduction commission; why? Apparently because they were included in Paul Ryan’s Republican budget proposal. In typical Washington fashion, the president thinks we have the attention span of a Labrador Retriever. Many of us do; some of us do not. Mr. President, stop the hypocrisy! I know saying one thing one week and something else the next…like the previous statements never existed is Washington S.O.P.

In 2008 then candidate Obama went on record saying the president does not have the constitutional authority to go to war without the approval of congress. He was attempting to poke at Bush’s war-waging record, failing at the time to realize that Mr. Bush had the approval of congress from the beginning. If this is approval is truly needed why did the President Obama seek the approval of the United Nations, the Arab League and pretty much everyone else rather than the U.S. Congress when sending American Forces to Libya in support of the popular uprising there? A massive case of hypocrisy.

Last week the president urged congress to raise the level of the national debt without conditions as this was vital to the interests of the American public. If uncontrolled government spending is a good thing then why did then Sen. Obama vote against raising the debt limit in 2006? Might it have something to with just being contrary to a Republican president? Hypocrisy runs amok.

While I disagree with the president on most issues I have supported some of his education and transportation proposals because they were good ideas not because I like the man or the party. Conversely I disagree with the Republicans on many issues that affect the middle-class; I am a conservative, not a rubber stamp. Rather than killing the messenger because one does not like the message, the hypocrisy in Washington has gotten to the level where the messenger is killed no matter what the message.

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