Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fool Me Twice...

Remember when George W. Bush was elected? We were so proud, not since Pres. Reagan did we have a hard-core conservative that supported social as well fiscal conservative values, a right-wing candidate that united the left and right. There was only one problem, Bush while religious turned out to be a fiscal liberal believing that the American taxpayer could solve the social ills of the nation and possibly the world.

Some are trying to make the same mistake, Mike Huckabee a religious conservative, is not a conservative Republican. His record in
Arkansas bears that out in the form of higher taxes and larger government. We need to stop confusing one's personal religious views with conservative ideals. My minister, a Presbyterian, is a nice guy who believes in the sanctity of life and that government is encroaching on religious freedoms (both hallmarks of the right) yet he is as liberal as the day is long. His "compassion" for the downtrodden goes to the point of believing that it is okay for government to take my money and spend it on the "less fortunate".

If Huckabee were to win we will see a continuation growth of the Federal Government and a greater tax burden. There will be the same pandering to the left by trying to buy their love through money for programs and pork conservatives care little about or are even against (remember the impending death of the Dept. of Education?).
Also let’s be real here Huckabee is not palatable to the general electorate. Maybe if Hillary is the Democrat nominee he could possibly pull off a win but probably not. Romney, Thompson, and even Giuliani (who even as liberal as he is will probably rule more conservatively than the Huckster) can easily beat Hillary and actually have a chance to beat someone as personable as Obama. Yes we like to put money on our favorite horses but is it really smart to go to the track and bet on the losers?

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